Cefaly Anti-Migraine Device

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Brand: Cefaly


  • Provides a prevention treatment program to increase the production of endorphins and raise the trigger threshold of the pain for a result of less frequent migraines
  • Can replace or reduce the consumption of medication
  • Unavailable for shipment to the United States due to its prescriptive nature in US; non-prescriptive and over the counter in Canada

Publisher: SETAF CA

Release Date: 03-05-2014

Details: Most headaches and migraines involve the trigeminal nerve. Its superior branch ends at the exit of the eye socket, underneath the skin of the forehead. An adhesive electrode is positioned on the forehead and Cefaly connects to this. Through the electrode, Cefaly generates precise micro-impulses in order to stimulate the nerve endings of the trigeminal nerve. Neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve with Cefaly® produces a sedative effect. Regular repetition of this sedative effect helps reduce the number of attacks of migraine.

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