Carrera Mario Kart Mario & Yoshi Quad Twin Pack

Regular price $129.99


  • 2 Cars / 2 Controllers
  • 2,4 GHZ Full Function
  • Rechargeable batteries: 2 × 3,2V 700mAh LIFEPO4
  • 2 × 1A USB charging cable and 4 × AAA LR03 controller batteries
  • Speed up to: 9 km/h (5.6 mph)

Details: Race Mario and Yoshi around the yard with your full function RC. Mario & Yoshi come Ready to Run and are powered by a rechargeable LIFEPO4 battery that is quick charging and will run up to 30 min. The two remote-controlled Off road Quads have a scale of 1:20 and a length of 19.4 cm. Thanks to 2.4 GHz Digital Proportional Technology, they can easily be steered through any terrain at up to over 5 mph.