Power Juicer. 120 Volts 200 Watts Ceramic Blade 32oz. Natural Classico Power Juicer

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  • Base is made of plastic, metal
  • Boasts a powerful 85 RPM motor
  • 1 speed
  • Measuring 12'' H x 8'' W x 11.5'' D overall
  • Comes with 2, 32.oz juice and pulp containers


The Natural Classico Juicer is many machines in one, eliminate the clutter from your kitchen, slow cold press juicer extractor for cooking, healthy frozen desserts, fresh nut butter, baby food and pureeing hard-to-eat foods, using its slow squeezing method (85 rpm), no nutritional value or flavour is lost or changed, comes with 2, 32.oz juice and pulp containers, all pieces can be stored with ease, all pieces disassemble, making it very easy to clean with no hassle, there is also a reverse function in the event of ingredients getting stuck. The vertical design of this cold press juicer works by squeezing as opposed to grinding which maximizes juice extraction from harder fruits and vegetables, this juicer durable auger and crushing ribs work efficiently and are easy to clean, this unit boasts a powerful 85 RPM motor and can withstand frequent use.


Number of Speeds: 1

Base Material:Plastic, Metal


Overall: 12'' H x 8'' W x 11.5'' D

Overall Product Weight: 11 lb.

Item Condition: New