Project Haiti Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Project Haiti Fund!

The Project Haiti Fund is a personal commitment to help people in Haiti. This not a foundation. We are not affiliate with any organization or any government body. We don’t accept any donation either. From each sale on, five percent (5%) of the sale profit goes toward the Fund. Anyone or organization can apply to the Fund for consideration. Once received, it will be evaluated, and a response will be provided within a month of the application.

We don’t offer monthly support; but you can submit multiple applications within a year. We don’t have any specific requirement for the application, we only need to know the purpose of the request. We might sometimes ask to provide some supporting documents, before we can proceed with the evaluation of the application.

With each sale, we can make progress in Haiti and help the Haitian population; please help us promote the website and start making a difference in the life of Haitians.

We would love to hear your suggestions, please feel to contact us by email at

For all applications and questions, you can email us at

 Anyone can make a difference by providing help to someone, even on a small-scale basis.