Fisher-Price Bright Beats

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Brand: Fisher-Price


  • Spinning moves get baby (and BeatBelle DLX) in the groove!
  • Multi-colored lights around her belly and back create a 360-degree light show as BeatBelle DLX spins
  • BeatBelle DLX bobs her head & shakes her hips to the beat
  • 120+ songs, sounds, tunes & phrases teach colors, counting, the alphabet & more
  • 4 ways to play: Dance, Move & Learn: Music, lights & spinning moves encourage baby to dance, Record & Remix: Say something to BeatBelle DLX & she'll sing it back—in an original song!, Interactive Play: BeatBelle DLX reacts to baby's singing & dancing in each of 4 interactive games & Dance Party: BeatBelle DLX will dance & spin to any music you play for her!

Details: Let's party, baby! Bopping BeatBelle has some sweet new moves and cool interactive settings to get babies grooving. Fisher-Price BeatBelle DLX has four exciting ways to play and more than 120 songs, sounds and phrases to teach little ones colors, counting, the alphabet and more through fun interactive play. With a cool new spinning motion and multicolored LED lights around her belly and back, babies will be delighted as BeatBelle DLX creates a 360-degree, captivating light show. It's the ultimate dance party, and you and your tiny dancer are invited! Where development comes into play - Gross Motor: Movin', shakin' and dancin' along with BeatBelle DLX gets your baby's gross motor skills into gear. Sensory: Your baby's senses will be "dancing" too, with the variety of fun music, lights & textures. Thinking Skills: As babies discover all the ways to make BeatBelle DLX boogie, they'll see how their actions can make fun things happen—a great intro to cause & effect!

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