Tiger Tail The Long One 22" - AW19

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Brand: Tiger Tail


  • PREVENT MUSCLE SORENESS OR RELIEVE IT! The Tiger Tail Is Perfect For Warming Up Before Exercise - Use It While Stretching To Lengthen Muscles To Improve Flexibility And Get Out Ahead Of Sore Muscles - Make Sure You Cool Down With The Tiger Tail As Well - Muscle Rolling After Exercise Will Help Minimize The Effects Of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Or "DOMS"
  • COMFORTABLE AND EFFECTIVE MUSCLE ROLLING! The Original Tiger Tail Is A Single Foam Rolling Piece - No More Hard Plastic Rollers That Leave Bruises If You Get Too Close To Bone - The Single Roller Means There Are No Plastic Pieces Ripping Out Your Hair Or Snagging Your Clothing - The Solid Surface Also Allows You To Massage The Entire Muscle
  • EASY TO CLEAN! Simply Take A Damp Rag With A Little Bit Of Soap And Wipe Down The Roller
  • NO SORE MUSCLE IS SAFE! The Tiger Tail Works On All Muscle Groups - Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back, Lower Back, Hamstrings, Glutes, Quads, Calves, Shins, Feet And Any Other Muscle You Can Find On The Body
  • USED BY PRO ATHLETES EVERYWHERE! The Tiger Tail Is Used By Athletes In All Of The Major Professional Sports In The United States - If Some Of The Greatest Athletes In The World Use Tiger Tail, Don't You Think You Should Use It Too?!?!